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Role Play

Role Play

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Dj Mixer Board

Become a professional DJ with the DJ Mixer Board! This toy not only supports fine motor skill develo..

229.95 AED
Ex Tax: 219.00 AED

Modern Doll Family

All doll heads and bodies are made of solid wood. Arms and legs are wire that can be easily shaped. ..

103.95 AED
Ex Tax: 99.00 AED

My First Camera - Orchard

Get picture perfect views of your surroundings with this PlanToys camera. Point, focus, and click th..

68.25 AED
Ex Tax: 65.00 AED

Secret Agent Play Set

Role play as a secret agent with this fully equipped playset that includes an ID badge, finger scann..

156.45 AED
Ex Tax: 149.00 AED

Vlogger Kit

A vlogger (video blogger) is one of the top career choices that many of today's kids aspire to be! D..

177.45 AED
Ex Tax: 169.00 AED

Wonky Fruit & Vegetables

Imperfect fruits and vegetables are just as nutritious as the pretty ones on the shelves! We can hel..

115.50 AED
Ex Tax: 110.00 AED


FAIRYTALE PUPPET (Size Small) - Includes yellow top with white collar and attached blue bow tie, gre..

204.75 AED 122.85 AED
Ex Tax: 117.00 AED

Dentist Set

DENTIST SET: Pretend to be a real dentist! This set teaches children at a young age to understand th..

131.25 AED
Ex Tax: 125.00 AED

PlanToys Wooden Surgeon Play Set

Role play as a surgeon and learn about the human body with the Surgeon Set! This playset includes a ..

173.25 AED
Ex Tax: 165.00 AED

PlanToys Wooden Sushi Set

Pretend play as a sushi chef with the PlanToys Sushi Set! While developing creative thinking and fin..

141.75 AED
Ex Tax: 135.00 AED

Assorted Fruit Set

ASSORTED FRUIT SET: The set includes a cutting board, knife and 5 sliceable fruits : orange, lemon, ..

110.25 AED
Ex Tax: 105.00 AED

Assorted Vegetable Set

ASSORTED VEGETABLE SET: The set includes a cutting board, knife, and 5 sliceable veggies : tomato, m..

110.25 AED
Ex Tax: 105.00 AED

Bakery Stand Set

BAKERY STAND SET: The set consists of 1 two-tier cake stand, 1 sandwich, 1 slice of Swiss roll, 1 ch..

115.50 AED
Ex Tax: 110.00 AED

Balancing Cactus

BALANCING CACTUS: It’s all about strategy! The player that can build and balance the cactus without ..

115.50 AED
Ex Tax: 110.00 AED

Breakfast Menu

BREAKFAST MENU: The set includes 2 slices of bread, a bun, a sausage, a slice of bacon, cheese, a fr..

115.50 AED
Ex Tax: 110.00 AED