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Aero Science Combo Set

Explore five different flight experiments in one inexpensively priced kit. Inside, you'll find five ..

84.00 AED Ex Tax: 80.00 AED

Arts Robot Spiral Factory

Reuse your favourite softdrink can and hire then as your factory worker! Once give the robot a pen (..

115.50 AED 103.95 AED Ex Tax: 99.00 AED

Band Powered Copter - Dreams

BAND POWERED COPTER Dreams - Wind up the rubber band to store energy in the rubber band and let go t..

42.00 AED Ex Tax: 40.00 AED

Band Powered Grand Prix

The PlaySTEAM Green Powered Grand Prix is the perfect activity for students to learn about physics w..

42.00 AED Ex Tax: 40.00 AED

Deep Diving Seahorse

Learn about buoyancy with the Diving Seahorse. Squeeze the water bottle to increase pressure and wat..

42.00 AED Ex Tax: 40.00 AED

Green Straw Architects

Use paper straws to build the Eiffel tower, Golden Gate Bridge or the Space Needle. Learn about thre..

52.50 AED Ex Tax: 50.00 AED

Plant Maze Botany Kit Set

This plant maze is a great toy for anyone interested in experimenting with nature, both young and ol..

94.50 AED Ex Tax: 90.00 AED

Sightseeing Line Tracking Bus

Learn about the world's most famous landmarks with the PlaySTEAM Line Tracking Sightseeing Bus. This..

84.00 AED Ex Tax: 80.00 AED

The Space Weather Station

An All-in-one Weather learning kit & water cycle simulation in the design of the International S..

94.50 AED 85.05 AED Ex Tax: 81.00 AED

Triple Safe Cube

The PlaySTEAM Triple Safe Cube keeps your belongings safe with a 10-digit combination lock. With 3 f..

52.50 AED Ex Tax: 50.00 AED