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Blocks & Construction

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Soccer Snake

Assemble this remote controlled Snake yourself. You can turn your Robot snake into the world’s great..

115.50 AED
Ex Tax: 110.00 AED

Solar Spinner (23 Pcs)

Use the squares and triangles to build your own solar creation and watch it spin! GeoSmart Solar Spi..

178.50 AED
Ex Tax: 170.00 AED

Space Ball

Use the brightly coloured 18 squares, 12 triangles, 4 trapezoids, 1 LED panel, and 1 spinner to crea..

267.75 AED
Ex Tax: 255.00 AED

Space Truck (43 Pcs)

GeoSmart Space Truck is a 42-piece magnetic construction that lets you build all kinds of vehicles w..

414.75 AED
Ex Tax: 395.00 AED

Starter Set (32 PCS) - SMART MAX

Have fun building incredible structures with SmartMax! The new Start Plus set includes 12 medium bar..

178.50 AED
Ex Tax: 170.00 AED

Starter Set XL (42 PCS) - SMART MAX

Have fun building incredible structures with SmartMax! SmartMax allows children to explore magnetism..

355.95 AED
Ex Tax: 339.00 AED

Table Top Air Rocket

A fun, small science experiment to stimulate the child's interest in learning and their thirst for k..

42.00 AED
Ex Tax: 40.00 AED

The Space Weather Station

An All-in-one Weather learning kit & water cycle simulation in the design of the International S..

94.50 AED
Ex Tax: 90.00 AED

Triple Safe Cube

The PlaySTEAM Triple Safe Cube keeps your belongings safe with a 10-digit combination lock. With 3 f..

52.50 AED
Ex Tax: 50.00 AED

Ufo (25 Pcs)

Use the special pentagon shapes and the LED-panel to make your own UFO. Light it up and fly! With a ..

220.50 AED
Ex Tax: 210.00 AED

Water Powered Rocket Science

Play and learn about Rockets & water pressure with a rocket that flys up to 30 metres high. Includes..

115.50 AED
Ex Tax: 110.00 AED

Wheels Set (11 Pcs)

In the Geosmart Wheel Set are wheels, axles and joints. To build a vehicle you need also another Geo..

126.00 AED
Ex Tax: 120.00 AED

Wind Powered Motor Glider

The world's first wind powered motor glider. Assemble your own wind turbine & then learn how to conv..

157.50 AED
Ex Tax: 150.00 AED