Bat LED rechargeable light. Ideal size for small hands, it has a range of 12 hours and two light intensities. Includes recharging and timer base for automatic shutdown after 30 minutes.

Fun light bat shaped, does not heat, is smooth to the touch and totally portable. It can be used as companion light to read in the room, take it on trips or even to the bathroom at night.

It has two intensities of light, intense and soft, perfect for reading and later reducing the intensity to accompany at night. In addition, it has a timer that will turn off the light automatically after 30 minutes of operation.

When the load is exhausted simply place it in the base to recharge it during the day and at night it will be ready to work again.

Suitable for children.

Led lights. It emits a light that does not give off heat.

Works with EU electricity. The recharging base is included. (Does not use batteries).

2 years warranty.

Timer: It incorporates the option that the light turns off automatically after 30 minutes.

Duration of the load: The light can work from 10 to 12 hours with maximum intensity or from 20 to 25 with medium intensity.

Charging time: 12 hours.

Tip: To maximize battery life d and batteries are recommended charging station when the nightlight is completely exhausted .

Materials: BPA free PVC and phthalates.

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