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Build this mars explorer using the magnetic shapes from GeoSmart. This set consists of 51 different ..

267.75 AED Ex Tax: 255.00 AED

Mars Explorer By Geosmart - Remote Controlled GeoMagnetic Vehicles with STEM Focused Magnetic Construction Set

The GEOSMART Mars Explorer is the ultimate in dynamic magnetic construction. This 51 piece set inclu..

435.75 AED Ex Tax: 415.00 AED

Moon Lander

GeoSmart is the future of geomagnetic play. An ideal STEM magnetic construction set, GeoSmart enable..

267.75 AED Ex Tax: 255.00 AED

Space Ball

Use the brightly coloured 18 squares, 12 triangles, 4 trapezoids, 1 LED panel, and 1 spinner to crea..

267.75 AED Ex Tax: 255.00 AED

Start Set - GeoMagnetic Construction Set

The Start Set includes 15 strong, bright magnetic geometric pieces. Use the squares and triangles to..

126.00 AED Ex Tax: 120.00 AED


Use the special pentagon shapes and the LED-panel to make your own UFO. Light it up and fly! With a ..

220.50 AED Ex Tax: 210.00 AED