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Educational Set (100 Pcs)

The GEOSMART Educational Set is a learning kit featuring 100 pieces and 6 different geomagnetic shap..

792.75 AED 713.48 AED Ex Tax: 679.50 AED

Educational Set Deluxe (205 Pcs)

The GEOSMART Educational Set Deluxe is a learning kit featuring 205 pieces and 9 different geomagnet..

1,286.25 AED 1,157.63 AED Ex Tax: 1,102.50 AED

Flip Bot

Build this mars explorer using the magnetic shapes from GeoSmart. This set consists of 51 different ..

267.75 AED Ex Tax: 255.00 AED

Mars Explorer By Geosmart - Remote Controlled GeoMagnetic Vehicles with STEM Focused Magnetic Construction Set

The GEOSMART Mars Explorer is the ultimate in dynamic magnetic construction. This 51 piece set inclu..

435.75 AED 392.18 AED Ex Tax: 373.50 AED

Moon Lander

GeoSmart is the future of geomagnetic play. An ideal STEM magnetic construction set, GeoSmart enable..

267.75 AED Ex Tax: 255.00 AED

Space Ball

Use the brightly coloured 18 squares, 12 triangles, 4 trapezoids, 1 LED panel, and 1 spinner to crea..

267.75 AED Ex Tax: 255.00 AED

Start Set - GeoMagnetic Construction Set

The Start Set includes 15 strong, bright magnetic geometric pieces. Use the squares and triangles to..

126.00 AED Ex Tax: 120.00 AED


Use the special pentagon shapes and the LED-panel to make your own UFO. Light it up and fly! With a ..

220.50 AED Ex Tax: 210.00 AED

Wheels Set (11 Pcs)

In the Geosmart Wheel Set are wheels, axles and joints. To build a vehicle you need also another Geo..

126.00 AED 113.40 AED Ex Tax: 108.00 AED